NMRK2 phosphorylates NAR to yield NAMN

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Homo sapiens
NAR + ATP(4-) => NAMN + ADP(3-) + H+
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NMRK2 (nicotinamide riboside kinase 2) catalyzes the reaction of NAR (N-ribosylnicotinate) and ATP to yield NAMN (beta-nicotinate D-ribonucleotide), ADP, and H+ (Tempel et al. 2007). The reaction is annotated with ATP(4-), the major ionized form of ATP at pH 7.2 (Stockbridge & Wolfenden 2009), as the phosphate donor. NMRK2 is a cytosolic enzyme (Nikiforov et al. 2011), localized predominantly in myocytes (Li et al. 1999).

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ribosylnicotinate kinase activity of NMRK2 [cytosol]

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