The COG complex and CUX1 and GOLGA5 dimers contribute to intra-Golgi vesicle tethering

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Dimeric medial Golgins CUX1 (also known as CASP) and GOLGA5 (also known as Golgin-84) act in conjunction with the COG complex to tether retrograde vesicles moving within the Golgi stacks (Bascom et al, 1999; Gillingham et al, 2002; Malsam et al, 2005; Sohda et al, 2007; Sohda et al, 2010; reviewedin Szul and Sztul, 2011). Intra-Golgi vesicles are COPI-dependent, but distinct from anterograde ERGIC-to-Golgi COPI vesicles by virtue of their cargo (generally returning Golgi and ER-resident enzymes to their appropriate location in the secretory pathway, and notably lacking p24 family members; other intra Golgi cargo includes toxins such as Shiga) and the SNARE complexes they interact with (Orci et al, 1997; Lanoix et al, 2001; Malsam et al, 2005). The yeast homologue of GOLGA5, COY1, shows a genetic interaction with yeast SNARE GOS1 (human GOSR1), suggesting the intra-Golgi vesicles may rely on a GOSR1:STX5:BET1L and YKT6 SNARE complex, though the identity of the t-SNARE complex remains to be substantiated (Gillingham et al, 2002; Sohda et al, 2010). Removal of the COPI-coat is required prior to CUX1- and GOLGA5-mediated vesicle tethering (Malsam et al, 2005). Intra-Golgi transport also depends on medial RAB protein RAB33b (Jiang et al, 2005; Valsdottir et al, 2001; Pusapati et al, 2012; Starr et al, 2010). Disruption of RAB33b abolishes retrograde traffic of Shiga toxin from the trans- to cis-Golgi, and abolishes the RAB6-dependent relocalization of Golgi resident enzymes. This suggests that RAB6 and RAB33b may form sequentially acting RAB cascade that mediates intra-Golgi traffic (Starr et al, 2010; Pusapati et al, 2012). RAB33b has also been shown to interact with the RAB6 GEF RIC1:RGP1, although the significance of this interaction is unclear. In addition, RAB33b interacts by co-immunoprecipitation with endosomal proteins RABEP1 (also known as Rabaptin-5), RABGEF1 (Rabex5) and KIF20A (Rabkinesin 6); the relevance of these interactions is likewise unknown (Valsdottir et al, 2001).

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