Retrograde vesicle is tethered at the ER by the NRZ complex and t-SNAREs

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Retrograde COPI vesicles destined for fusion with the ER are tethered to the ER membrane by interactions with the ER t-SNARE proteins and with the CATCHR ('complexes associated with tethering containing helical rods') complex NRZ (reviewed in Szul and Sztul, 2011; Tagaya et al, 2014). The trimeric NRZ complex, known as Dsl in yeast, is composed of NBAS, RINT1 and ZW10 and is recruited to the ER through association with the ER t-SNAREs USE1L, STX18 and BNIP1 (Hirose et al, 2004; Aoki et al, 2004; Nakajima et al, 2004; Arasaki et al, 2006; Ren et al, 2009; Civril et al, 2010; reviewed in Tagaya et al, 2014). Evidence in yeast suggests components of the Dsl complex also interact with the coatomer coat; these interactions contribute to vesicle fusion both by aiding in the recruitment of the vesicle to the ER membrane and also to the depolymerization of coatomer and thus vesicle uncoating Interactions (Andag et al, 2001; Andag et al, 2003; Reilly et al, 2001; Hsia and Hoelz, 2010; Meiringer et al, 2011; Zink et al, 2009). Note that although this pathway shows COPI vesicles from the Golgi being 'received' exclusively at the ER, vesicles are also tethered and fused at the ERGIC. The SNAREs and tethering complexes that mediate this fusion are not identified.
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