Active ARF recruits coatomer to the Golgi

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Activation of ARF is tightly correlated to recruitment of the COPI coat (Donaldson et al, 1991; Serafini et al, 1991; Donaldson et el, 1992; Palmer et al, 1993; reveiwed in Szul and Sztul, 2011). Studies in yeast and in mammalian cells support a direct interaction between the GTPase and components of the COPI coat (Zhao et al, 1997; Zhao et al, 1999; Zhao et al, 2006; Eugster et al, 2000; Sun et al, 2007; Yu et al, 2012; Harter and Wieland, 1998; Bethune et al, 2006; reviewed in Popoff et al, 2011). The COPI coat consists of 7 subunits arranged in 2 subcomplexes. The inner coat is made up of a tetrameric complex consisting of the beta, gamma, zeta and delta COPI subunits, while the outer coat is a trimer consisting of the alpha, beta prime and epsilon subunits (Eugster et al, 2000; Waters et al, 1991). Both of the zeta and gamma subunits have 2 isoforms with different subcellular locations, suggesting that different COPI coats may mediate different steps of the secretory pathway (Moelleken et al, 2007). Unlike the case for COPII or clathrin coats, all components of the COPI coat are recruited simultaneously as a preformed heptameric complex (Hara-Kuge et al, 1994).

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