TNPO1 binds KIF17 dimer

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KIF17 is an alternate kinesin-2 motor that is required in some cell types for anterograde IFT and for the ciliary localization of CNG (Ou et al, 2005; Jenkins et al, 2006; Insinna et al, 2008; Insinna et al, 2009; Li et al, 2010; reviewed in Scholey, 2008; Verhey et al, 2011). KIF17 contains a C-terminal ciliary localization signal that mediates its interaction with nuclear import factor TNPO1 (importin beta-2). This interaction is required for the ciliary targeting of KIF17 and is regulated by RAN GTP levels such that the interaction is promoted in the cytosol where RAN:GTP levels are low, and is destabilized in the cilium where RAN:GTP levels are high (Dishinger et al, 2010). The roles of TNPO1 and the RAN:GTP gradient in promoting ciliary localization of KIF17 are analogous to their roles in nuclear import and provide evidence for the first time of conserved mechanisms governing nuclear and ciliary localization (Dishinger et al, 2010; Devos et al, 2004; Gruss, 2010).
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