Ubiquitination of DLL/JAG ligands upon binding to NOTCH1

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NOTCH ligands DLL1, DLL4, JAG1 and JAG2 undergo ubiquitination and endocytosis after binding NOTCH1 in trans. In Drosophila, ubiquitination of Delta and Serrate ligands is performed by either Mindbomb or Neuralized ubiquitin ligase. In mammals, there are two Mindbomb homologues, MIB1 and MIB2 and two Neuralized homologues, NEURL (also known as NEUR1) and NEURL1B (also known as NEUR2). Although both Mib1 and Mib2 ubiquitinate Delta (Koo et al. 2005), only Mib1 was shown to be essential for normal development in mice, with Mib1 deficient mice exhibiting typical Notch deficiency phenotypes (Koo et al. 2007). This could be due to different expression patterns of Mib1 and Mib2. While Mib1 is abundantly expressed in embryos and adult tissues, Mib2 expression is limited to adult tissues only (Koo et al. 2005). Mouse Neurl was directly shown to ubiquitinate Jag1 but not other Notch ligands in vitro. N-terminal myristoylation targets Neurl to the plasma membrane and this is a prerequisite for Jag1 internalization (Koutelou et al. 2008). Mouse Neurl1b was shown to directly bind and ubiquitinate recombinant Xenopus Delta and to cooperate with Mib1 in Delta endocytosis (Song et al. 2006). Ubiquitination of NOTCH ligands by MIB and NEURL ubiquitin ligases triggers ligand endocytosis. Drosophila Neuralized needs to interact with membrane phosphoinositides through its phosphoinositide-binding motif to trigger endocytosis of ubiquitinated Delta (Skwarek et al. 2007). Endocytosis of ubiquitinated Notch ligands is thought to mechanically stretch the ligand-bound Notch receptor, exposing the S2 cleavage site and resulting in Notch receptor cleavage by ADAM10 and/or ADAM17 metalloproteases (Itoh et al. 2003).

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