TMP, (d)UMP, uridine 2' monophosphate, or uridine 3'-monophosphate + H2O => thymidine, deoxyuridine, or uridine + orthophosphate [NT5M]

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5'3'-Nucleotidase, mitochondrial (NT5M) is the major nucleotidase of human mitochondria, catalyzing the hydrolysis of TMP, uridine 2'-, 3'-, and 5'-monophosphates, and dUMP to yield the corresponding (deoxy)nucleosides and orthophosphate. It may play a central role in "substrate cycles" to regulate mitochondrial deoxynucleotide levels, especially in non-dividing cells (Rampazzo et al. 2000; Gallinaro et al. 2002). The active form of the enzyme is a homodimer, with an absolute requirement for Mg++ (Rampazzo et al. 2000; Rinaldo-Matthis et al. 2002).

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5'-nucleotidase activity of NT5M dimer [mitochondrial matrix]

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