Assembly of telomerase and telomere extension

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Telomerase activity has been demonstrated in a variety of chicken cells in vivo and in vitro including primary, differentiated, aging, immortalized and transformed cell types (Taylor and Delany 2000; Swanberg and Delany 2003; O'Hare and Delany 2005; Hrdlickova et al. 2006).

The telomerase ribonucleoprotein complex is formed in the nucleoplasm from the association of TERT and TERC. In human, DKC1 (dyskerin) is also part of the complex, but association of the chicken ortholog with chicken telomerase has not been demonstrated experimentally. The involvement and stoichiometry of DKC1 as a component of the complex in chicken are inferred from studies of purified human telomerase (Cohen et al. 2007).

RUVBL1 (pontin) and RUVBL2 (reptin) are found associated with human telomerase purified from HeLa cells and activities of these proteins are required for telomerase assembly in vitro (Venteicher et al. 2008). Their exact roles in the assembly and function of in vivo telomerase remain unclear. A potential chicken ortholog for RUVBL1 (pontin) has been identified.

NHP2 (NOLA2) is likewise associated with telomerase ribonucleoprotein complexes (Pogacic et al. 2000) and homozygous NHP2 mutations are associated with telomerase failure in humans (Vuillamy et al. 2008). A potential chicken ortholog for NHP2 has been identified.

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