Dissociation of telomerase RNP from the extended chromosomal end

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telomerase RNP:G-strand complex with two added single-stranded repeats => telomerase RNP + G-strand with two added single-stranded repeats
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The process by which extension of a telomere is terminated has not been characterized in chicken cells, but is inferred from the human system. Human telomerase RNP has low processivity and can dissociate from the primer after addition of single nucleotides or whole repeat units in vitro. Regulation of this process is not well understood, but PIF1 protein, a helicase, can promote dissociation in vitro and its expression levels are inversely correlated with telomere length in some tissue culture systems (Boule et al. 2005; Zhang et al. 2006). On this basis, PIF1 is annotated here as a positive regulator of telomere – telomerase dissociation.
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