TANK binds polyubiquitinated TRAF3/6

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TANK (TRAF family member-associated NF-kB activator) is a TRAF-binding protein [Rothe M et al 1996; Pomeranz JL and Baltimore D 1999; Li C et al 2002; Guo B and Cheng G 2007; Konno H 2009] that has been implicated in RLR, TNFR and IL-1R/TLR signaling pathways in mammals. TANK was also shown to interact with TBK1, IKK epsilon, IPS-1, TRIF and IRF3 [Pomeranz JL and Baltimore D 1999,Guo B and Cheng G 2007]. Upon viral stimulation TANK is believed to induce type I IFN production by linking kinases TBK1/IKK epsilon with upstream mediators, while its role in NF-kB signaling remains elusive. TANK was reported to act as either positive[GuoB and Cheng G 2007, Konno H et al 2009, Pomerantz JL and Baltimore D 1999] or negative regulator of TRAF-mediated NF-kB induction [Kawagoe T et al 2009].

Predicted chicken TANK protein shows 51% amino acid sequence identity to its human counterpart.

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