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A Novartis tyrosine kinase inhibitor with activity against multiple tyrosine kinase receptors including FGFRs, VEGFRs, PDGFRs, KIT, FLT3 and CSFR. TKI258 is in Phase II clinical trials for advanced breast cancer in patients with and without FGFR1 amplification (NCT00958971), for endometrial cancer with WT or activated FGFR2 mutants (NCT01379534), for relapsed myeloma with and without the t4:14 FGFR3 translocation/amplification (NCT01058434), and in bladder cancer in cases where archived material is available to check for correlation with FGFR3 mutation status (NCT00790426).

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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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