Jak2 transphosphorylates and is activated in response to Erythropoietin

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Jak2 transphosphorylates and is activated in response to Erythropoietin

Upon binding Epo, the Epor dimer changes conformation resulting in activation by phosphorylation of Jak2 associated with box 1 and box 2 of the cytoplasmic domain of each Epor (Yoshimura and Lodish 1992, Witthuhn et al. 1993, Miura et al. 1994, Sawyer and Penta 1996, Tilbrook et al. 1996, Bittorf et al. 1997, Watowich et al. 1999, Pelletier et al. 2006, Funakoshi-Tago et al. 2008, Zhao et al. 2009). One Jak2 transphosphorylates 12 tyrosine residues of the other Jak2 thereby activating Jak2 to phosphorylate Epor and other substrates (Feng et al. 1997).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of Epo:Epor:Jak2:Lyn:Irs2 [plasma membrane]

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