Complexed Piwil2 binds pre-piRNA

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Mus musculus
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Complexed Piwil2 binds pre-piRNA

After cleavage by Pld6 at the 5' end, the pre-piRNA is bound by Piwil2 (also known as Mili) (Aravin et al. 2006). Piwil2 interacts with several other proteins, including Tdrd1 Aravin et al. 2009, Kojima et al. 2009, Reuter et al. 2009, Vagin et al. 2009, Mathioudakis et al. 2012), Tdrd12 (Pandey et al. 2013), Ddx4 (Mvh, Kuramochi-Miyagawa et al. 2004), Asz (Ma et al. 2009), and Mov10l (Frost et al. 2010, Zheng et al. 2010), all of which affect piRNA biogenesis. Tudor-containing proteins Tdrd1 and Tdrd12 bind Piwil2 via methylated arginine residues (Vagin et al. 2009). Binding by Piwil2 is believed to be selective for pre-piRNAs that have uracil residues at their 5' ends.

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