Defective TP53 does not tetramerize

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A number of nonsense and frameshift truncations result in mutant TP53 proteins that lack the tetramerization domain (TD). In addition, several missense mutations affect the tetramerization domain, some of which, like L344P, have been shown to impede tetramerization (Chène and Bechter 1999; Lubin et al. 2010).
The following TD missense mutations have been shown to impede the ability of TP53 to tetramerize:
TP53 L330H (Rollenhagen and Chène 1998: partially active when overexpressed; Atz et al. 2000; Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 L330P (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 L330R (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 G334V (Atz et al. 2000; Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss-of-function)
TP53 R337C (Davison et al. 1998, Lomax et al. 1998, Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function; Rollenhagen and Chène 1998: partially active when overexpressed; Atz et al. 2000)
TP53 R337H (Gordo et al. 2008; DiGiammarino et al. 2002: pH-dependent destabilization of the tetramerization domain; Kamada et al. 2011: able to tetramerize, but tetramers are unstable at physiological temperature)
TP53 R337L (Rollenhagen and Chène 1998: partially active when overexpressed; Kamada et al. 2011: able to tetramerize, but tetramers are unstable at physiological temperature)
TP53 R337P (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 F338I (Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 F341C (Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 R342P (Rollenhagen and Chène 1998; Chène and Bechter 1999, Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 L344P (Ishioka et al. 1997; Davison et al. 1998; Lomax et al. 1998; Rollenhagen and Chène 1998; Chène and Bechter 1999; Lubin et al. 2010; Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 L344R (Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 A347T (Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 L348S (Kamada et al. 2011: partial loss of function)
TP53 K351E (Ishioka et al. 1997)
The following TP53 TD missense mutants whose tetramerization ability has not been investigated are annotated as candidates because they resemble functionally characterized TP53 TD missense mutants with loss of tetramerization:
TP53 L330F (similar to TP53 L330H)
TP53 L330I (similar to TP53 L330H)
TP53 G334E (similar to TP53 G334V)
TP53 R337G (similar to TP53 R337C and TP53 R337L)
TP53 R337S (similar to TP53 R337C and TP53 R337L)
TP53 F341L (similar to TP53 F341C)
TP53 F341S (similar to TP53 F341C)
TP53 F341V (similar to TP53 F341C)
TP53 A347D (similar to TP53 A347T)
TP53 A347P (similar to TP53 A347T)
TP53 K351N (similar to TP53 K351E)
TP53 K351R (similar to TP53 K351E)

The TD missense mutant TP53 R342Q, which is similar to TP53 R342P, as well as the missense mutants TP53 E349D and TP53 Q354R, were not annotated because they were shown to be able to oligomerize with a recombinant wild type TP53 protein and activate transcription from the CDKN1A (p21) target promoter (Rollenhagen and Chène 1998) and to form homotetramers in vitro at a level similar to the wild type protein (Kamada et al. 2011). In addition, the following TD missense mutants of TP53 were found to tetramerize in vitro at a level not significantly different the wild type TP53, although the stability of some of the tetramers is reduced compared to the wild type tetramers; these mutants have not been annotated even if they share the sequence similarity with functionally impacted missense mutants:
TP53 E326G (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Y327D (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Y327H (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Y327S (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 F328L (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 F328S (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 F328V (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 T329I (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 T329S (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Q331H (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Q331P (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Q331R (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 I332V (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 G334W (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 R335G (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 R335H (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 R335L (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 F338L (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 E339K (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 E339Q (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 R342L (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 R342Q (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 E343G (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 E346A (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 A347G (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 L348F (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 D352H (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 A353T (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Q354E (Kamada et al. 2011)
TP53 Q354K (Kamada et al. 2011)

Two nonsense mutants of TP53, TP53 K351* and TP53 Q354*, in which truncation occurs at the very end of the TD, were shown to retain, at least partially, the ability to form dimers and, in the case of TP53 Q354* tetramers, as well as to be able to inhibit colony formation to some extent (Ishioka et al. 1997). These two mutants have been annotated as candidates. Other TP53 truncation mutants annotated as candidates for the loss of tetramerization ability are nonsense and frameshift cancer mutants in which the stop codon occurs upstream of the TD or affects the first three amino acids of the TD. These mutants have not been functionally studied but resemble the synthetic mutant p153 (1-320) which consists of the first 320 amino acids and lacks the TD and the C-terminal domain (CTD). This mutant is unable to tetramerize, but can form stacked oligomers at the recombinant target gene promoter and induce transcription at a low level. Stacked oligomers are formed through interactions that involve amino acid residues outside the TD, which are facilitated by the presence of the target DNA sequence (Stenger et al. 1994). In some of the candidate truncation mutants the stop codon occurs close to the N-terminus, and these mutants are likely to represent null mutants.

The following nonsense mutants of TP53 reported in cancer have been annotated as candidates:
TP53 Q5*
TP53 E11*
TP53 Q16*
TP53 S20*
TP53 W23*
TP53 S33*
TP53 L35*
TP53 Q38*
TP53 L43*
TP53 D48*
TP53 I50*
TP53 E51*
TP53 Q52*
TP53 W53*
TP53 E56*
TP53 D61*
TP53 E62*
TP53 R65*
TP53 E68*
TP53 W91*
TP53 S94*
TP53 Q100*
TP53 K101*
TP53 Y103*
TP53 Q104*
TP53 Y107*
TP53 L114*
TP53 K120*
TP53 C124*
TP53 Y126*
TP53 K132*
TP53 C135*
TP53 Q136*
TP53 K139*
TP53 C141*
TP53 Q144*
TP53 W146*
TP53 D148*
TP53 Y163*
TP53 K164*
TP53 Q165*
TP53 S166*
TP53 Q167*
TP53 E171*
TP53 V173*
TP53 R174*
TP53 C176*
TP53 H179*
TP53 E180*
TP53 C182*
TP53 S183*
TP53 D186*
TP53 L188*
TP53 Q192*
TP53 R196*
TP53 E198*
TP53 G199*
TP53 L201*
TP53 E204*
TP53 Y205*
TP53 L206*
TP53 D208*
TP53 R209*
TP53 R213*
TP53 Y220*
TP53 E221*
TP53 P223*
TP53 E224*
TP53 S227*
TP53 D228*
TP53 C229*
TP53 Y234*
TP53 Y236*
TP53 M237*
TP53 C238*
TP53 N239*
TP53 S240*
TP53 C242*
TP53 M243*
TP53 M246*
TP53 R248*
TP53 E258*
TP53 S261*
TP53 G266*
TP53 N268*
TP53 E271*
TP53 C275*
TP53 C277*
TP53 G279*
TP53 R280*
TP53 E285*
TP53 E286*
TP53 E287*
TP53 K291*
TP53 K292*
TP53 G293*
TP53 E294*
TP53 E298*
TP53 K305*
TP53 R306*
TP53 S315*
TP53 Q317*
TP53 K319*
TP53 K320*
TP53 K321*
TP53 G325*
TP53 Y327*

The following frameshift mutants of TP53 reported in cancer have been annotated as candidates:
TP53 L14Sfs*15
TP53 F19Ifs*10
TP53 N29Kfs*14
TP53 N30Kfs*13
TP53 S33Ffs*10
TP53 L35Ffs*8
TP53 L35Pfs*10
TP53 P36Afs*7
TP53 M40Ifs*3
TP53 M40Lfs*7
TP53 D41Gfs*2
TP53 D42Qfs*5
TP53 L43Cfs*9
TP53 S46Vfs*6
TP53 D48Gfs*4
TP53 D49Efs*3
TP53 E51Gfs*6
TP53 Q52Pfs*5
TP53 Q52Lfs*73
TP53 W53Cfs*4
TP53 W53Mfs*4
TP53 E56Vfs*73
TP53 D57Kfs*67
TP53 D57Tfs*72
TP53 P58Rfs*6
TP53 P60Vfs*64
TP53 E62Kfs*65
TP53 A63Tfs*66
TP53 R65Tfs*84
TP53 R65Kfs*84
TP53 R65Qfs*84
TP53 M66Tfs*60
TP53 M66Nfs*83
TP53 E68Rfs*81
TP53 A69Gfs*80
TP53 P71Sfs*78
TP53 V73Afs*76
TP53 V73Rfs*51
TP53 V73Rfs*76
TP53 V73Afs*51
TP53 A74Gfs*50
TP53 A74Gfs*75
TP53 P75Lfs*74
TP53 P77Cfs*73
TP53 A78Sfs*71
TP53 A78Gfs*73
TP53 T81Nfs*68
TP53 T81Sfs*43
TP53 P82Afs*70
TP53 P82Hfs*42
TP53 A83Gfs*66
TP53 A84Vfs*65
TP53 A84Gfs*65
TP53 A86Gfs*63
TP53 A86Cfs*63
TP53 A88Sfs*61
TP53 S90Lfs*59
TP53 S90Pfs*34
TP53 P92Hfs*57
TP53 P92Afs*57
TP53 L93Pfs*59
TP53 L93Afs*57
TP53 S94Ffs*55
TP53 S94Cfs*30
TP53 S95Ifs*54
TP53 S95Hfs*29
TP53 S96Yfs*53
TP53 S96Ffs*53
TP53 V97Tfs*66
TP53 P98Yfs*26
TP53 S99Ffs*55
TP53 Q100Sfs*54
TP53 T102Nfs*47
TP53 Y103Lfs*46
TP53 Y103Efs*23
TP53 Q104Pfs*45
TP53 S106Qfs*43
TP53 S106Gfs*44
TP53 G108Rfs*41
TP53 F109Tfs*16
TP53 R110Qfs*15
TP53 R110Pfs*39
TP53 R110Pfs*14
TP53 R110Sfs*14
TP53 L111Qfs*13
TP53 L111Ffs*40
TP53 L111Nfs*14
TP53 F113Lfs*11
TP53 F113Pfs*37
TP53 L114Ffs*35
TP53 H115Afs*34
TP53 S116Afs*34
TP53 G117Wfs*32
TP53 T118Nfs*31
TP53 T118Dfs*31
TP53 T118Gfs*6
TP53 A119Qfs*5
TP53 A119Rfs*6
TP53 K120Tfs*2
TP53 K120Qfs*29
TP53 S121Ifs*28
TP53 V122Cfs*27
TP53 T123Dfs*26
TP53 T123Rfs*48
TP53 C124Wfs*25
TP53 C124Lfs*25
TP53 C124Ffs*47
TP53 T125Hfs*24
TP53 T125Afs*46
TP53 T125Ifs*47
TP53 T125Lfs*25
TP53 P128Tfs*21
TP53 A129Vfs*20
TP53 A129Pfs*42
TP53 A129Cfs*20
TP53 L130Pfs*41
TP53 L130Pfs*19
TP53 L130Cfs*20
TP53 N131Pfs*19
TP53 M133Rfs*38
TP53 M133Dfs*16
TP53 M133Lfs*42
TP53 C135Ffs*36
TP53 C135Lfs*14
TP53 Q136Sfs*13
TP53 Q136Pfs*13
TP53 A138Gfs*11
TP53 T140Dfs*9
TP53 C141Wfs*8
TP53 P142Afs*7
TP53 V143Rfs*6
TP53 V143Lfs*28
TP53 V143Afs*29
TP53 Q144Pfs*5
TP53 Q144Afs*5
TP53 L145Afs*4
TP53 W146Vfs*3
TP53 D148Efs*23
TP53 D148Gfs*2
TP53 S149Ffs*32
TP53 P151Tfs*30
TP53 P152Hfs*29
TP53 P152Lfs*29
TP53 P152Tfs*30
TP53 P153Lfs*28
TP53 P153Sfs*28
TP53 P153Afs*28
TP53 G154Afs*18
TP53 G154Pfs*28
TP53 G154Rfs*27
TP53 G154Afs*28
TP53 T155Hfs*26
TP53 T155Afs*28
TP53 R156Lfs*25
TP53 R156Pfs*25
TP53 R156Hfs*26
TP53 V157Afs*24
TP53 V157Rfs*24
TP53 R158Sfs*23
TP53 A161Gfs*20
TP53 I162Wfs*10
TP53 Y163Lfs*18
TP53 Q165Hfs*17
TP53 S166Ifs*15
TP53 Q167Nfs*4
TP53 Q167Tfs*14
TP53 Q167Hfs*4
TP53 M169Ifs*12
TP53 E171Gfs*4
TP53 R175Afs*6
TP53 H178Qfs*3
TP53 H178Pfs*3
TP53 H178Pfs*70
TP53 H179Pfs*2
TP53 C182Afs*66
TP53 S183Tfs*65
TP53 D184Rfs*2
TP53 D184Efs*64
TP53 L188Tfs*21
TP53 A189Cfs*20
TP53 A189Gfs*20
TP53 P191Sfs*18
TP53 Q192Pfs*17
TP53 I195Nfs*14
TP53 I195Yfs*14
TP53 I195Lfs*53
TP53 R196Pfs*13
TP53 E198Gfs*11
TP53 G199Rfs*10
TP53 N200Kfs*9
TP53 L201Ffs*8
TP53 L201Ifs*47
TP53 R202Afs*7
TP53 R202Kfs*9
TP53 E204Wfs*44
TP53 E204Gfs*46
TP53 Y205Sfs*4
TP53 Y205Lfs*4
TP53 Y205Ffs*8
TP53 L206Ffs*42
TP53 L206Yfs*4
TP53 L206Ffs*3
TP53 D207Lfs*41
TP53 D207Gfs*2
TP53 D207Ffs*3
TP53 D208Ffs*42
TP53 N210Kfs*6
TP53 N210Tfs*7
TP53 R213Sfs*3
TP53 R213Ffs*35
TP53 H214Qfs*2
TP53 H214Tfs*2
TP53 S215Kfs*7
TP53 S215Ifs*33
TP53 S215Ifs*36
TP53 V217Gfs*31
TP53 V218Gfs*4
TP53 V218Gfs*30
TP53 V218Wfs*30
TP53 P219Afs*3
TP53 Y220Lfs*2
TP53 Y220Hfs*5
TP53 E221Vfs*4
TP53 P222Sfs*26
TP53 P223Sfs*26
TP53 P223Rfs*4
TP53 E224Afs*2
TP53 S227Vfs*2
TP53 S227Wfs*3
TP53 T230Sfs*11
TP53 T231Nfs*9
TP53 T231Ffs*15
TP53 H233Vfs*8
TP53 Y234Ifs*6
TP53 Y234Sfs*15
TP53 Y234Pfs*7
TP53 N239Kfs*25
TP53 S240Kfs*24
TP53 S240Qfs*24
TP53 C242Lfs*22
TP53 G244Afs*4
TP53 G244Tfs*19
TP53 G245Vfs*19
TP53 M246Afs*19
TP53 M246Rfs*19
TP53 R248Pfs*16
TP53 R249Kfs*15
TP53 L252Pfs*12
TP53 T253Nfs*11
TP53 T253Ifs*93
TP53 T253Hfs*11
TP53 I255Nfs*9
TP53 T256Nfs*8
TP53 T256Ifs*90
TP53 T256Hfs*8
TP53 L257Hfs*89
TP53 L257Hfs*9
TP53 E258Gfs*6
TP53 D259Rfs*5
TP53 S260Lfs*4
TP53 S261Tfs*2
TP53 L264Sfs*8
TP53 L265Tfs*7
TP53 R267Tfs*5
TP53 N268Kfs*4
TP53 N268Efs*4
TP53 S269Kfs*3
TP53 F270Lfs*2
TP53 R273Lfs*33
TP53 R273Cfs*73
TP53 V274Cfs*32
TP53 V274Afs*33
TP53 C275Lfs*31
TP53 A276Lfs*31
TP53 P278Lfs*28
TP53 P278Lfs*68
TP53 P278Sfs*28
TP53 G279Sfs*68
TP53 G279Pfs*69
TP53 R280Sfs*66
TP53 R280Efs*26
TP53 D281Afs*26
TP53 D281Efs*26
TP53 R282Pfs*64
TP53 R282Pfs*24
TP53 R283Lfs*23
TP53 R283Sfs*23
TP53 R283Pfs*24
TP53 T284Hfs*22
TP53 E285Rfs*21
TP53 E286Hfs*22
TP53 N288Ifs*18
TP53 N288Kfs*18
TP53 N288Kfs*59
TP53 R290Sfs*56
TP53 K291Qfs*15
TP53 K292Lfs*54
TP53 G293Rfs*13
TP53 E294Vfs*12
TP53 E294Gfs*12
TP53 P295Rfs*12
TP53 H297Lfs*9
TP53 H297Sfs*10
TP53 E298Tfs*48
TP53 L299Afs*7
TP53 G302Vfs*44
TP53 G302Rfs*4
TP53 S303Efs*3
TP53 T304Lfs*3
TP53 T304Yfs*2
TP53 T304Qfs*44
TP53 R306Lfs*32
TP53 R306Afs*31
TP53 A307Gfs*30
TP53 A307Rfs*39
TP53 A307Sfs*30
TP53 A307Lfs*32
TP53 L308Sfs*30
TP53 L308Afs*6
TP53 P309Lfs*31
TP53 N310Kfs*27
TP53 N310Qfs*27
TP53 N311Kfs*26
TP53 N311Qfs*26
TP53 T312Nfs*25
TP53 S313Lfs*45
TP53 S313Pfs*33
TP53 S315Pfs*31
TP53 P316Lfs*21
TP53 P316Sfs*21
TP53 P316Lfs*30
TP53 Q317Pfs*20
TP53 K319Nfs*18
TP53 K319Afs*19
TP53 K320Efs*17
TP53 K321Efs*16
TP53 P322Tfs*15
TP53 D324Rfs*13
TP53 D324Afs*29
TP53 P13Lfs*2
TP53 S15Rfs*28
TP53 Q16Rfs*28
TP53 T18Hfs*26
TP53 S20Qfs*24
TP53 D21Tfs*23
TP53 L22Yfs*22
TP53 K24Nfs*20
TP53 L26Pfs*11
TP53 L26Qfs*13
TP53 P27Lfs*17
TP53 N29Kfs*13
TP53 N29Tfs*15
TP53 N30Tfs*14
TP53 L32Pfs*11
TP53 L32Cfs*12
TP53 S33Vfs*6
TP53 S33Pfs*11
TP53 P34Lfs*8
TP53 L35Ffs*7
TP53 L35Cfs*9
TP53 P36Tfs*75
TP53 P36Wfs*4
TP53 P36Rfs*8
TP53 S37Cfs*79
TP53 Q38Wfs*4
TP53 Q38Sfs*4
TP53 Q38Kfs*6
TP53 A39Mfs*3
TP53 A39Qfs*5
TP53 D41Mfs*3
TP53 L43Afs*7
TP53 M44Tfs*75
TP53 M44Sfs*79
TP53 M44Afs*7
TP53 M44Cfs*79
TP53 L45Pfs*5
TP53 L45Vfs*6
TP53 S46Pfs*77
TP53 P47Hfs*2
TP53 P47Gfs*4
TP53 P47Rfs*76
TP53 D48Efs*75
TP53 D48Tfs*75
TP53 D49Yfs*2
TP53 I50Mfs*4
TP53 I50Nfs*72
TP53 I50Mfs*73
TP53 E51Pfs*59
TP53 E51Dfs*72
TP53 E51Nfs*72
TP53 Q52Kfs*67
TP53 Q52Lfs*68
TP53 Q52Hfs*71
TP53 Q52Nfs*71
TP53 W53Yfs*2
TP53 W53Gfs*70
TP53 F54Lfs*69
TP53 F54Sfs*69
TP53 T55Pfs*52
TP53 T55Mfs*68
TP53 E56Kfs*67
TP53 E56Rfs*6
TP53 D57Sfs*86
TP53 D57Vfs*64
TP53 P58Qfs*65
TP53 G59Qfs*84
TP53 G59Efs*58
TP53 G59Vfs*64
TP53 P60Qfs*63
TP53 D61Vfs*62
TP53 A63Lfs*60
TP53 R65Cfs*79
TP53 R65Efs*58
TP53 M66Ifs*76
TP53 M66Qfs*56
TP53 M66Gfs*80
TP53 M66Sfs*57
TP53 P67Lfs*54
TP53 P67Rfs*81
TP53 P67Qfs*56
TP53 E68Rfs*55
TP53 E68Gfs*80
TP53 A69Vfs*54
TP53 A69Cfs*79
TP53 A69Lfs*54
TP53 A70Rfs*76
TP53 P71Wfs*50
TP53 P71Gfs*75
TP53 P72Lfs*48
TP53 P72Rfs*76
TP53 V73Lfs*43
TP53 V73Gfs*50
TP53 V73Wfs*50
TP53 A74Qfs*45
TP53 A74Sfs*71
TP53 A74Pfs*49
TP53 P75Yfs*68
TP53 P75Lfs*48
TP53 A76Vfs*55
TP53 A76Hfs*47
TP53 P77Lfs*44
TP53 P77Rfs*71
TP53 P77Sfs*71
TP53 P77Qfs*46
TP53 A78Yfs*68
TP53 A78Qfs*45
TP53 P80Rfs*41
TP53 P80Lfs*43
TP53 T81Pfs*49
TP53 T81Nfs*42
TP53 P82Rfs*41
TP53 P82Gfs*66
TP53 A83Cfs*30
TP53 A83Pfs*35
TP53 A83Cfs*63
TP53 A83Pfs*39
TP53 A83Gfs*65
TP53 A83Rfs*40
TP53 A84Pfs*35
TP53 A84Pfs*39
TP53 P85Lfs*58
TP53 P85Lfs*59
TP53 P85Hfs*37
TP53 P85Cfs*63
TP53 P85Lfs*38
TP53 A86Vfs*55
TP53 A86Gfs*32
TP53 A86Pfs*33
TP53 A86Pfs*34
TP53 A86Lfs*59
TP53 P87Ifs*54
TP53 P87Lfs*59
TP53 P87Qfs*36
TP53 A88Gfs*44
TP53 A88Vfs*55
TP53 A88Gfs*32
TP53 A88Pfs*35
TP53 S90Pfs*33
TP53 W91Vfs*13
TP53 W91Cfs*52
TP53 W91Cfs*57
TP53 W91Cfs*32
TP53 W91Gfs*32
TP53 P92Vfs*55
TP53 L93Ffs*53
TP53 L93Rfs*30
TP53 L93Vfs*55
TP53 L93Cfs*30
TP53 S94Pfs*24
TP53 S94Ffs*28
TP53 S94Yfs*29
TP53 S94Hfs*29
TP53 S94Ifs*54
TP53 S95Gfs*37
TP53 S95Ffs*53
TP53 S95Lfs*28
TP53 S96Lfs*27
TP53 S96Cfs*52
TP53 V97Sfs*26
TP53 V97Lfs*25
TP53 P98Lfs*25
TP53 S99Rfs*23
TP53 S99Pfs*24
TP53 Q100Gfs*37
TP53 Q100Lfs*42
TP53 Q100Rfs*23
TP53 K101Lfs*42
TP53 T102Pfs*45
TP53 T102Pfs*21
TP53 Y103Vfs*15
TP53 Y103Lfs*42
TP53 Y103Gfs*44
TP53 Y103Rfs*19
TP53 Y103Tfs*20
TP53 Q104Afs*18
TP53 Q104Rfs*19
TP53 G105Afs*18
TP53 S106Vfs*15
TP53 S106Rfs*16
TP53 S106Tfs*17
TP53 Y107Tfs*44
TP53 Y107Sfs*38
TP53 Y107Vfs*13
TP53 Y107Tfs*16
TP53 G108Afs*34
TP53 G108Afs*39
TP53 G108Vfs*13
TP53 G108Ffs*40
TP53 G108Vfs*15
TP53 F109Gfs*37
TP53 F109Lfs*36
TP53 F109Sfs*38
TP53 F109Sfs*14
TP53 R110Lfs*13
TP53 R110Wfs*12
TP53 R110Vfs*13
TP53 L111Ifs*8
TP53 L111Rfs*37
TP53 G112Lfs*7
TP53 G112Cfs*9
TP53 G112Lfs*36
TP53 G112Afs*11
TP53 F113Qfs*5
TP53 F113Sfs*10
TP53 L114Cfs*30
TP53 L114Ffs*33
TP53 L114Cfs*9
TP53 H115Cfs*27
TP53 H115Qfs*4
TP53 H115Lfs*8
TP53 H115Ifs*8
TP53 H115Ffs*33
TP53 S116Vfs*23
TP53 G117Dfs*26
TP53 T118Cfs*27
TP53 T118Qfs*5
TP53 A119Sfs*3
TP53 K120Mfs*25
TP53 K120Sfs*3
TP53 S121Lfs*2
TP53 S121Cfs*27
TP53 V122Hfs*24
TP53 V122Afs*46
TP53 V122Dfs*26
TP53 T123Hfs*24
TP53 T123Ifs*47
TP53 C124Yfs*24
TP53 C124Afs*46
TP53 T125Sfs*45
TP53 T125Rfs*45
TP53 Y126Qfs*18
TP53 Y126Sfs*44
TP53 Y126Tfs*44
TP53 S127Ffs*36
TP53 S127Lfs*42
TP53 S127Pfs*43
TP53 P128Tfs*12
TP53 P128Qfs*17
TP53 P128Qfs*18
TP53 P128Rfs*20
TP53 P128Lfs*42
TP53 A129Rfs*38
TP53 A129Pfs*41
TP53 L130Dfs*16
TP53 L130Pfs*39
TP53 L130Qfs*17
TP53 L130Tfs*39
TP53 L130Sfs*40
TP53 N131Cfs*27
TP53 N131Kfs*39
TP53 N131Tfs*39
TP53 K132Cfs*37
TP53 K132Rfs*38
TP53 M133Ifs*12
TP53 M133Nfs*34
TP53 M133Pfs*13
TP53 M133Ifs*36
TP53 M133Sfs*37
TP53 M133Cfs*37
TP53 F134Lfs*14
TP53 C135Yfs*9
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TP53 C135Afs*35
TP53 Q136Sfs*26
TP53 Q136Pfs*30
TP53 Q136Wfs*33
TP53 Q136Hfs*34
TP53 Q136Nfs*34
TP53 L137Rfs*33
TP53 L137Wfs*33
TP53 A138Cfs*27
TP53 A138Pfs*30
TP53 A138Rfs*31
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TP53 C141Sfs*26
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TP53 V143Afs*21
TP53 V143Gfs*2
TP53 V143Afs*4
TP53 V143Cfs*27
TP53 V143Afs*5
TP53 Q144Hfs*26
TP53 Q144Afs*16
TP53 Q144Ffs*32
TP53 Q144Hfs*4
TP53 Q144Cfs*25
TP53 Q144Gfs*2
TP53 Q144Rfs*26
TP53 Q144Sfs*26
TP53 Q144Afs*4
TP53 W146Pfs*19
TP53 W146Lfs*23
TP53 W146Ifs*22
TP53 V147Rfs*27
TP53 V147Lfs*23
TP53 D148Pfs*23
TP53 D148Ffs*32
TP53 D148Pfs*21
TP53 D148Ifs*22
TP53 S149Afs*72
TP53 S149Pfs*17
TP53 S149Yfs*31
TP53 S149Hfs*31
TP53 S149Pfs*21
TP53 T150Afs*16
TP53 T150Nfs*20
TP53 T150Hfs*20
TP53 P151Rfs*27
TP53 P152Rfs*24
TP53 P152Afs*14
TP53 P152Rfs*27
TP53 P152Afs*28
TP53 P152Rfs*18
TP53 P153Rfs*22
TP53 P153Sfs*13
TP53 P153Hfs*26
TP53 P153Afs*16
TP53 G154Vfs*18
TP53 G154Rfs*22
TP53 G154Wfs*10
TP53 G154Pfs*25
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TP53 R174Pfs*70
TP53 R174Sfs*73
TP53 R174Gfs*73
TP53 R175Pfs*72
TP53 R175Afs*72
TP53 R175Lfs*5
TP53 C176Afs*65
TP53 C176Sfs*67
TP53 C176Mfs*68
TP53 C176Afs*71
TP53 P177Lfs*3
TP53 P177Tfs*69
TP53 H178Afs*65
TP53 H178Pfs*69
TP53 H178Pfs*2
TP53 H178Tfs*69
TP53 H179Qfs*64
TP53 H179Lfs*68
TP53 H179Mfs*68
TP53 E180Afs*65
TP53 E180Sfs*67
TP53 R181Pfs*66
TP53 R181Lfs*4
TP53 C182Afs*65
TP53 S183Rfs*2
TP53 D184Efs*24
TP53 D184Afs*62
TP53 D184Vfs*63
TP53 D184Ifs*63
TP53 S185Rfs*23
TP53 S185Tfs*62
TP53 S185Afs*62
TP53 D186Wfs*22
TP53 D186Mfs*61
TP53 G187Afs*21
TP53 G187Vfs*60
TP53 L188Pfs*58
TP53 L188Rfs*59
TP53 L188Pfs*19
TP53 L188Wfs*59
TP53 A189Dfs*14
TP53 A189Vfs*53
TP53 A189Pfs*19
TP53 A189Pfs*58
TP53 P190Sfs*12
TP53 P190Lfs*53
TP53 P190Sfs*17
TP53 P190Lfs*57
TP53 P191Lfs*53
TP53 P191Yfs*14
TP53 P191Sfs*15
TP53 P191Lfs*56
TP53 Q192Afs*16
TP53 Q192Sfs*55
TP53 H193Qfs*48
TP53 L194Sfs*52
TP53 L194Hfs*14
TP53 I195Cfs*46
TP53 I195Kfs*9
TP53 I195Wfs*50
TP53 I195Mfs*13
TP53 I195Sfs*12
TP53 I195Tfs*52
TP53 I195Sfs*52
TP53 I195Pfs*13
TP53 R196Ffs*35
TP53 R196Ffs*8
TP53 R196Cfs*46
TP53 R196Sfs*12
TP53 R196Efs*51
TP53 E198Wfs*44
TP53 E198Afs*7
TP53 E198Ifs*47
TP53 E198Kfs*49
TP53 G199Ifs*42
TP53 G199Ffs*8
TP53 G199Efs*48
TP53 N200Vfs*4
TP53 N200Ifs*47
TP53 L201Afs*7
TP53 L201Cfs*46
TP53 V203Wfs*44
TP53 V203Gfs*5
TP53 E204Tfs*39
TP53 E204Wfs*41
TP53 E204Vfs*4
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TP53 Y205Tfs*37
TP53 Y205Ifs*42
TP53 L206Ffs*35
TP53 L206Wfs*41
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TP53 D207Kfs*6
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TP53 D208Ffs*35
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TP53 D208Efs*7
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TP53 R209Sfs*5
TP53 R209Cfs*6
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TP53 N210Kfs*37
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TP53 T211Ifs*33
TP53 T211Ifs*4
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TP53 T211Ffs*4
TP53 F212Sfs*3
TP53 R213Vfs*32
TP53 R213Tfs*2
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TP53 H214Rfs*25
TP53 H214Cfs*29
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TP53 H214Qfs*7
TP53 H214Lfs*33
TP53 H214Ifs*33
TP53 S215Mfs*27
TP53 S215Cfs*29
TP53 S215Wfs*31
TP53 S215Mfs*32
TP53 S215Cfs*6
TP53 S215Vfs*32
TP53 V216Gfs*4
TP53 V216Afs*28
TP53 V216Gfs*31
TP53 V216Gfs*5
TP53 V217Gfs*30
TP53 V218Sfs*26
TP53 V218Cfs*29
TP53 Y220Rfs*25
TP53 Y220Mfs*27
TP53 E221Gfs*25
TP53 E221Afs*2
TP53 E221Gfs*26
TP53 E221Sfs*26
TP53 P222Gfs*4
TP53 P222Lfs*24
TP53 P222Rfs*25
TP53 P223Lfs*24
TP53 E224Rfs*23
TP53 E224Gfs*4
TP53 V225Gfs*20
TP53 V225Ffs*23
TP53 V225Wfs*3
TP53 V225Lfs*22
TP53 G226Dfs*3
TP53 G226Pfs*17
TP53 G226Afs*21
TP53 S227Hfs*9
TP53 S227Lfs*20
TP53 D228Tfs*12
TP53 D228Lfs*11
TP53 D228Vfs*18
TP53 D228Tfs*19
TP53 C229Yfs*8
TP53 C229Lfs*18
TP53 C229Yfs*10
TP53 C229Vfs*18
TP53 T230Lfs*6
TP53 T230Pfs*17
TP53 T230Hfs*9
TP53 T231Pfs*16
TP53 I232Qfs*5
TP53 I232Sfs*15
TP53 H233Pfs*6
TP53 H233Lfs*6
TP53 H233Tfs*14
TP53 Y234Tfs*11
TP53 Y234Lfs*4
TP53 Y234Qfs*5
TP53 N235Lfs*4
TP53 N235Tfs*12
TP53 Y236Tfs*11
TP53 M237Vfs*9
TP53 M237Sfs*10
TP53 M237Cfs*10
TP53 M237Vfs*2
TP53 C238Hfs*21
TP53 C238Vfs*9
TP53 N239Kfs*15
TP53 N239Wfs*4
TP53 N239Kfs*22
TP53 N239Afs*5
TP53 N239Lfs*22
TP53 N239Pfs*6
TP53 N239Tfs*8
TP53 S240Ffs*23
TP53 S240Vfs*7
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TP53 S241Pfs*6
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TP53 C242Hfs*21
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TP53 M243Wfs*4
TP53 G244Efs*17
TP53 G244Rfs*19
TP53 G244Afs*3
TP53 G245Afs*14
TP53 G245Pfs*16
TP53 G245Efs*17
TP53 G245Afs*2
TP53 M246Ifs*92
TP53 M246Ifs*99
TP53 N247Rfs*97
TP53 N247Tfs*98
TP53 R248Pfs*92
TP53 R248Pfs*95
TP53 R248Qfs*15
TP53 R248Gfs*97
TP53 R249Tfs*14
TP53 R249Sfs*96
TP53 R249Gfs*96
TP53 R249Afs*14
TP53 I251Tfs*94
TP53 I251Pfs*12
TP53 I251Hfs*11
TP53 I251Sfs*94
TP53 L252Pfs*92
TP53 L252Sfs*93
TP53 T253Qfs*3
TP53 T253Sfs*91
TP53 T253Pfs*92
TP53 I254Tfs*7
TP53 I254Hfs*8
TP53 I254Sfs*91
TP53 I255Hfs*8
TP53 I255Sfs*90
TP53 T256Kfs*87
TP53 T256Nfs*89
TP53 T256Hfs*89
TP53 L257Vfs*84
TP53 L257Pfs*85
TP53 L257Rfs*6
TP53 L257Gfs*6
TP53 L257Wfs*88
TP53 E258Pfs*85
TP53 E258Kfs*87
TP53 D259Qfs*3
TP53 D259Afs*86
TP53 D259Tfs*86
TP53 S260Pfs*85
TP53 S260Qfs*3
TP53 S261Vfs*84
TP53 G262Lfs*2
TP53 G262Wfs*80
TP53 G262Vfs*83
TP53 N263Tfs*5
TP53 N263Tfs*7
TP53 N263Tfs*8
TP53 N263Ifs*82
TP53 L264Hfs*81
TP53 L264Yfs*81
TP53 L264Tfs*7
TP53 L265Pfs*5
TP53 L265Wfs*80
TP53 G266Efs*4
TP53 G266Dfs*79
TP53 R267Efs*65
TP53 R267Gfs*78
TP53 N268Pfs*45
TP53 N268Tfs*77
TP53 N268Qfs*3
TP53 S269Rfs*21
TP53 S269Cfs*32
TP53 S269Gfs*34
TP53 S269Rfs*74
TP53 S269Lfs*75
TP53 S269Tfs*76
TP53 F270Lfs*72
TP53 F270Vfs*72
TP53 E271Gfs*73
TP53 E271Gfs*74
TP53 E271Gfs*34
TP53 V272Gfs*73
TP53 V272Afs*33
TP53 V272Cfs*73
TP53 R273Lfs*72
TP53 R273Vfs*72
TP53 R273Cfs*32
TP53 R273Ffs*71
TP53 V274Ffs*71
TP53 C275Gfs*20
TP53 C275Lfs*67
TP53 C275Lfs*70
TP53 C275Vfs*70
TP53 A276Tfs*64
TP53 A276Vfs*68
TP53 A276Lfs*29
TP53 C277Lfs*67
TP53 C277Ffs*68
TP53 C277Vfs*68
TP53 P278Wfs*27
TP53 P278Lfs*67
TP53 G279Kfs*59
TP53 G279Pfs*24
TP53 G279Efs*65
TP53 G279Efs*26
TP53 R280Afs*62
TP53 R280Tfs*64
TP53 R280Efs*65
TP53 D281Efs*18
TP53 D281Tfs*64
TP53 D281Pfs*24
TP53 R282Afs*23
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TP53 R283Pfs*16
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TP53 R283Kfs*59
TP53 R283Afs*62
TP53 R283Hfs*22
TP53 T284Ifs*57
TP53 T284Rfs*19
TP53 T284Qfs*61
TP53 T284Rfs*21
TP53 E285Rfs*13
TP53 E285Rfs*54
TP53 E285Rfs*60
TP53 E285Gfs*20
TP53 E286Sfs*17
TP53 E286Kfs*59
TP53 E287Kfs*53
TP53 E287Sfs*17
TP53 N288Kfs*15
TP53 N288Efs*14
TP53 N288Rfs*13
TP53 N288Tfs*55
TP53 N288Afs*55
TP53 N288Qfs*15
TP53 N288Sfs*17
TP53 N288Ifs*57
TP53 L289Pfs*56
TP53 L289Sfs*56
TP53 R290Lfs*50
TP53 R290Gfs*12
TP53 R290Kfs*53
TP53 R290Qfs*15
TP53 R290Afs*55
TP53 K291Nfs*49
TP53 K291Tfs*48
TP53 K291Sfs*51
TP53 K291Gfs*12
TP53 K291Rfs*54
TP53 K292Nfs*7
TP53 K292Rfs*13
TP53 K292Gfs*52
TP53 G293Efs*3
TP53 E294Afs*11
TP53 E294Sfs*51
TP53 P295Lfs*50
TP53 H296Rfs*8
TP53 H296Tfs*49
TP53 H297Pfs*48
TP53 H297Tfs*48
TP53 E298Gfs*43
TP53 E298Dfs*7
TP53 E298Dfs*47
TP53 E298Cfs*46
TP53 E298Sfs*47
TP53 L299Hfs*2
TP53 L299Rfs*46
TP53 L299Afs*6
TP53 L299Cfs*46
TP53 P300Qfs*44
TP53 P301Lfs*41
TP53 P301Rfs*4
TP53 P301Qfs*44
TP53 G302Hfs*2
TP53 G302Afs*42
TP53 S303Afs*42
TP53 T304Ifs*41
TP53 T304Lfs*41
TP53 R306Efs*39
TP53 A307Tfs*29
TP53 L308Pfs*15
TP53 L308Afs*28
TP53 P309Qfs*26
TP53 N310Kfs*26
TP53 N310Tfs*35
TP53 N311Kfs*34
TP53 N311Tfs*34
TP53 T312Pfs*20
TP53 T312Pfs*33
TP53 S313Afs*32
TP53 S314Rfs*25
TP53 S314Lfs*22
TP53 S315Wfs*22
TP53 S315Nfs*24
TP53 S315Lfs*30
TP53 P316Afs*19
TP53 Q317Hfs*28
TP53 Q317Rfs*28
TP53 Q317Afs*19
TP53 Q317Sfs*28
TP53 P318Efs*16
TP53 K319Rfs*26
TP53 K320Mfs*21
TP53 K320Rfs*25
TP53 K321Nfs*24
TP53 P322Hfs*23
TP53 L323Wfs*22
TP53 D324Vfs*21

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Normal reaction
Functional status

Loss of function and partial loss of function of TP53 mutants (tetramerization) [nucleoplasm]

Name Identifier Synonyms
cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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