Active ALK phosphorylates SHC1

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SHC1 is phosphorylated downstream of active ALK in a manner that depends on ALK kinase activity (Degoutin et al, 2007). SHC signaling downstream of the ALK receptor contributes to MAP kinase signaling and cellular proliferation and differentiation (Degoutin et al, 2007; Motegi et al, 2004; reviewed in Chiarle et al, 2008; Roskoski, 2013). The exact sites of SHC1 phosphorylation in the context of ALK signaling have not been explicitly demonstrated, but are presumed to be the canonical tyrosine phosphorylation sites of active SHC1 (reviewed in Ravichandran, 2001).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of Active ALK dimer:SHC1 [plasma membrane]

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