RHOD binds effectors at the plasma membrane

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Homo sapiens
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Active GTP bound RHOD binds to the following effectors at the plasma membrane:
DIAPH1 (Kyrkou et al. 2013)
PAK6 (Durkin et al. 2017)

The following candidate RHOD effectors that can localize to plasma membrane and cytosol were reported in the high throughput screen by Bagci et al. 2020:
ACTN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ADD3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
AKAP12 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ARHGAP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ARHGAP39 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CAPZB (Bagci et al. 2020)
CAV1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CPNE8 (Bagci et al. 2020)
DBN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
DIAPH3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
EFHD2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ESYT1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
LMNB1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MCAM (Bagci et al. 2020)
RAB7A (Bagci et al. 2020)
SLC4A7 (Bagci et al. 2020)
STBD1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
STEAP3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TMPO (Bagci et al. 2020)
TOR1AIP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VAMP3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VANGL1 (Bagci et al. 2020)

The following putative effectors do not bind to active RHOD:
ACTB (Bagci et al. 2020)
BASP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
FAM169A (Bagci et al. 2020)
MTMR1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
POTEE (Bagci et al. 2020)
SENP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SNAP23 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SOWAHC (Bagci et al. 2020)

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