3CLp dimer binds α-Ketoamides

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Human SARS coronavirus
3C-like proteinase dimer binds α-Ketoamides
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The rep proteases that are essential for viral polyprotein processing by the coronaviruses and enteroviruses exhibit a strong preference for substrates containing Gln at P1 position, and share an active-site conformation that engages the substrate's P1 residue. Compound 11r and compound 13b are peptidomimetic α-ketoamides that function as high-affinity non-cleavable substrate analogues and thus exhibit antiviral activity against dimeric 3C-like proteinases (C3Lp dimer) of coronaviruses and enteroviruses (Chen et al. 2005, Zhang et al. 2020). Their clinical safety and efficacy in COVID-19 are under investigation.

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severe acute respiratory syndrome DOID:2945 SARS-CoV infection, SARS
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