SLIT2 binds Dystroglycan

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SLIT2 binds to dystroglycan (DAG1). The interaction involves the C-terminal region of human SLIT2. The species origin of the DAG1 construct was not specified and is assumed to be human. Dystroglycan is required for proper SLIT2 localization within the basement membrane and the floor plate. Dystroglycan glycosylation, mediated at least in part by B4GAT1 (B3GNT1) and ISPD, is likely required for its interaction with SLIT2, but it has not been annotated. Mice mutant for B4gat1, Ispd or Dag1 have axon guidance defects similar to those observed in Slit or Robo mutant mice (Wright et al. 2012).

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Neuron 2012
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