p-Y701-STAT1, p-Y705-STAT3, p-Y649-STAT5 dissociates from IL9:p-Y407-IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-904,939-JAK3:p-Y705-STAT3

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Homo sapiens
IL9:p-Y407-IL9R:JAK1:IL2RG:p-904,939-JAK3:p-Y705-STAT3 dissociates from p-Y-STAT1, p-Y705-STAT3, p-STAT5
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Signal transducer and activator of transcription 1-alpha/beta (STAT1), STAT3 and STAT5A/STAT5B (collectively termed STAT5) are believed to dissociate from the Interleukin 9:Interleukin 9 receptor complex.

STAT1 (Demoulin et al, 1996), STAT3 (Yamasaki et al. 2010) and STAT5 (Demoulin et al. 2000) have been identified as parts of complexes associated with DNA in the nucleus following IL9 stimulation. All 3 STATs are believed to follow the standard model for STAT signaling, namely dissociation from the receptor complex, dimerization and translocation to the nucleus (Demoulin et al. 2000, Demoulin et al. 2000, Levy & Darnell 2002).

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