E2F6:TFDP1:EPC1 binds the PRC2 complex

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In late G1 and in S phase of the cell cycle, the complex of E2F6, TFDP1 and EPC1 interacts with EZH2, a component of the Polycomb group complex PRC2. EZH2 directly binds to E2F6. EED, another component of the PRC2 complex, co-immunoprecipitates with EZH2 and co-elutes with the E2F6-containing cell fraction. Co-immunoprecipitation of other components of the PRC2 complex with E2F6 has not been examined. It is suggested that the complex of E2F6 and PRC2 regulates expression of genes needed for cell cycle progression (Attwooll et al. 2005).

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15536069 A novel repressive E2F6 complex containing the polycomb group protein, EPC1, that interacts with EZH2 in a proliferation-specific manner

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