IL10 positively regulates plasma membrane-associated inflammatory mediators

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IL10 upregulates monocyte expression of FPR1 (fMLP receptor), PTAFR (PAF receptor), CCR1, CCR2, and CCR5, making them more responsive to chemotactic factors (Andrew et al. 1998, Sozzani et al. 1998, Thivierge et al. 1999) and more susceptible to HIV infection (Andrew et al. 1998, Sozzani et al. 1998).
IL10 enhances activated monocyte expression of the natural antagonists interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL1RN) and TNFRSF1B (p75 TNFR) (Cassatella et al 1994, Hart et al. 1996, Joyce & Steer 1996, Linderholm et al. 1996, Dickensheets et al. 1997).

IL10 enhances production of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP1) and hyaluronectin, which bind and inhibit the angiogenic- and migration-promoting activities of hyaluronic acid (Mertz et al. 1994, Lacraz et al. 1995, Stearns et al. 1999, Girard et al. 1999).

IL10 enhances expression of CD16 and CD64 FcgammaR on monocytes (te Velde et al. 1992, de Waal Malefyt et al. 1993, Calzada-Wack et al. 1996).

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