NFE2L2 translocates from cytosol to nucleoplasm

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Homo sapiens
NRF2 translocates into nucleus
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Upon activation by electrophiles or reactive oxygen species Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related (NFE2L2, NRF2) accumulates in the nucleus. The mechanism by which this translocation occurs is not entirely elucidated. NFE2L2 possess two functional nuclear localization signals (NLS) one near the N-terminal region (murine NFE2L2 42-53 aa) and the other (residues 587-593) in the C-terminal region which may function in the nuclear import. It has also been demonstrated that importins might be involved in the nuclear translocation of NFE2L2. NFE2L2 associates especially with importin alpha 5 and beta 1 (Theodore et al. 2008). Nuclear import of NFE2L2 has been shown to be stimulated downstream of active PI3K signaling (Joung et al, 2007; Li et al, 2006; Martin et al, 2004). Similarly, activation of the NFE2L2 pathway has been observed downstream of some oncogenes (Best et al, 2021; Tang et al, 2021; Mitsuishi et al, 2012; De Nicola et al, 2011; Wakabayashi et al, 2014; reviewed in He et al, 2020; Kitamura and Motohashi, 2018). NFE2L2 contributes to oncogenesis through metabolic reprogramming to support proliferation and through enhanced detoxification and antioxidation capabilities (reviewed in He et al, 2020; Kitamura and Motohashi, 2018). Activation of the PI3K pathway through inactivation of PTEN and KEAP1 increases the levels of T308 phosphorylated AKT, and promotes the nuclear accumulation of NFE2L2, stimulating expression of target genes (Mitsuishi et al, 2012; Best et al, 2021).
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