Activated AR binds RUNX2

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Androgen receptor (AR), activated by binding to androgens, forms a complex with RUNX2 (presumably associated with CBFB) in the nucleus. AR inhibits transcriptional activity of RUNX2, which may underlie AR-mediated attenuation of bone turnover. RUNX2 may play a tumor suppressor role in prostate cancer (Baniwal et al. 2009).

The complex of RUNX2 and AR is implicated in stimulation of the PSA gene transcription in response to TGF-beta signaling, but further experimental validation is needed (van der Deen et al. 2010).

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19389811 Repression of Runx2 by androgen receptor (AR) in osteoblasts and prostate cancer cells: AR binds Runx2 and abrogates its recruitment to DNA

Baniwal, SK, Khalid, O, Sir, D, Buchanan, G, Coetzee, GA, Frenkel, B

Mol. Endocrinol. 2009
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