UBQLNs bind UIM-containing adaptor proteins

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UBQLN proteins, also known as PLIC (protein linking IAP to cytoskeleton), are a family of four proteins with known roles in targeting ubiquitinated proteins to the proteasome (Mah et al, 2000; Kleijnen et al, 2000; Funakoshi et al, 2002). More recently, UBQLN proteins have been shown to play roles in the regulation of GPCR signaling (N'Diaye and Brown, 2003; Regan-Klapisz et al, 2005; N'Diaye et al, 2008). The ubiquitously expressed UBQLN1 and 2 both interact with UIM-domain containing proteins such as EPS15; the interaction is mediated by the UBQLN C-terminal UbL domain (Regan-Klapisz et al, 2005; N'Diaye et al, 2008). In the case of UBQLN2, interaction with UIM-containing proteins is required for UBQLN2 to negatively regulate clathrin-mediated endocytosis of GPCRs (N'Diaye et al, 2008).

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