LDLR is bound by DAB2 and ARH

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Internalization of the low density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) depends on the recognition of its atypical FDNPVY sequence by the CLASP (clathrin-associated sorting protein) LDLRAP1 (also known as ARH) and DAB2, which may be functionally redundant (Chen et al, 1990; Morris et al, 2001; Mishra et al, 2002a; He et al, 2002; Mishra et al, 2002b; Zhou et al, 2003; Mishra et al, 2005). Both DAB2 and LDLRAP1 also interact with both clathrin and AP-2 as well as with PI(4,5)P2 in the plasma membrane (Morris et al, 2001; Mishar et al, 2002a; He et al, 2002; Mishra et al, 2002b; Zhou et al, 2003). Consistent with the notion that cargo contributes to the regulation of CCP formation, overexpression of LDLR results in an increase in abortive CCP turnover, a decrease in the rate of CCP maturation and an increase in CCP size in an LDLRAP1- and DAB2-dependent manner (Mettlen et al, 2010).

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