Phosphorylation of UBF-1:rDNA Promoter

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Phosphorylation of UBF-1, bound to the promoter, activates UBF-1 and recruits SL1, and eventually polymerase. This phosphorylation of UBF-1 by Erk1, has been shown to both weaken the binding of UBF-1 to DNA and to activate transcription (the authors of the paper showing these data suggest that loosening the binding of UBF-1 with the promoter may somehow promote transcription initiation). Though not definitively worked out phosphorylation of UBF-1 by Erk1 plays a role in the activation of the UBF-1:rDNA complex.

Literature References
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11741541 An immediate response of ribosomal transcription to growth factor stimulation in mammals is mediated by ERK phosphorylation of UBF.

Gagnon-Kugler, T, Stefanovsky, VY, Rothblum, LI, Pelletier, G, Hannan, R, Moss, T

Mol Cell 2001
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