RAB9 binds RHOBTB3, bringing late endosome-derived vesicles to the TGN

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Retrograde traffic of mannose-6-phosphate receptors (M6PRs) from the late endosome depends on RAB9 (Lombardi et al, 1993; Riederer et al, 1994; Barbero et al, 2002; reviewed in Pfeffer, 2011). Cargo recognition at the late endosome is mediated by the RAB9-interacting protein PLIN3/TIP47, which concentrates retrograde cargo into VAMP3 RAB9 positive vesicles (Diaz et al, 1998; Carroll et al, 2001; Reddy et al, 2006; Ganley et al, 2008). RABEPK is another RAB9:GTP interacting protein that is required for retrograde transport of M6PR to the TGN (Diaz et al, 1997). At the trans-Golgi network, RAB9 and PILN3 interact with the atypical RHO GTPase related protein RHOBTB3. This interaction is required for the TGN-localization of RAB9 M6PR positive vesicles. Interaction of RAB9 with the C-terminal domain of RHOBTB3 relieves an inhibitory intramolecular interaction in RHOBTB3, allowing the N-terminal domain to achieve maximal ATP hydrolysis, which is thought to promote the release of PLIN3/TIP47 as a precursor to vesicle fusion at the TGN (Espinosa et al, 2009)
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