Envoplakin binds periplakin

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Envoplakin (EVPL) is insoluble under physiological conditions but soluble as a heterodimer with periplakin (PPL) (Kalinin et al. 2004). The heterodimers provide a firm but flexible structures (Al-Jassar et al. 2013). EVPL and PPL deposition and crosslinking are amongst the earliest events of cornification (Kalinin et al. 2002, Candi et al. 2005). They partially colocalize with desmosomal proteins and keratin intermediate filaments (Ruhrberg et al. 1996, DiColandrea et al. 2000), linking the cornified envelope to desmosomes and keratin filaments (Ruhrberg et al. 1996, 1997). PPL also associates with cortical actin at the interdesmosomal plasma membrane (DiColandrea et al. 2000, Groot et al. 2004).

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