PIAS1 SUMOylates L3MBTL2 with SUMO2

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PIAS1 and possibly other SUMO E3 ligases SUMOylates L3MBTL2 with SUMO2 at lysine-675 and lysine-700 near the C-terminus (Stielow et al. 2014, Tammsalu et al. 2014). SUMOylation of L3MBTL2 does not appear to affect its chromatin binding activity, however SUMOylation does enhance transcriptional repression of a subset of L3MBTL2-target genes, particularly those with low L3MBTL2 occupancy including pro-inflammatory genes (Stielow et al. 2014). SUMOylated L3MBTL2 appears to increase the level of local ubiquitinated histone H2A (Stielow et al. 2014).

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SUMO transferase activity of PIAS1 [nucleoplasm]

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