CHM binds RGGT

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RAB escort protein CHM (REP1) binds the RAB geranylgeranyl transferase complex, RGGT, composed of RABGGTA and RABGGTB (Baron and Seabra 2008). The interaction between CHM and the RGGT complex is enhanced by the presence of phosphoisoprenoids (Thoma et al. 2001). The complex of RGGT and CHM catalyzes geranylgeranylation of small GTPases RAB1A, RAB3A and RAB5A, which is needed for the membrane localization of RABs (Farnsworth et al. 1994). RAB geranylgeranyl transferase can play an anti-apoptotic role, through an unknown mechanism (Lackner et al. 2005). RAB5A, the substrate of RGGT:CHM complex, was shown to positively regulate formation of autophagosomes (Li et al. 2013).

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