47S pre-rRNA is nucleolytically processed at A' (01,A1), site A0, and site 02 (site 6) to yield 45S pre-rRNA

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Unknown nucleases concomitantly cleave the 47S precursor rRNA (pre-rRNA) at the A' site (also known as the 01 site or the A1 site), the A0 site in the 5' external transcribed spacer (5' ETS), and site 02 (also known as site 6 in mouse) in the 3' ETS (Sloan et al. 2014). Cleavage occurs when the pre-rRNA is complexed with the small subunit processome (SSU processome) complex, a large protein complex that binds the 5' region of the pre-rRNA after transcription commences (Kass and Sollner-Webb 1990, Sloan et al. 2014, inferred from yeast in Dragon et al. 2002). The UTP-A subcomplex of the SSU processome and SKIV2L2 (MTR4) are required for cleavage at the A' site while the UTP-B subcomplex and U3 snoRNP (Sloan et al. 2014) and RRP36 of the UTPC subcomplex of the SSU processome (Gerus et al. 2010) improve efficiency of cleavage. UTP18 is required for cleavage of the 5' ETS (Holzel et al. 2010). Nucleolin (NCL) interacts with the 47S pre-rRNA (Yanagida et al. 2001, inferred from mouse in Ginisty et al. 1998) and is involved in cleavage at the A' site (inferred from mouse in Ginisty et al. 1998) but its association with the SSU processome is transitory (Turner et al. 2009). NOL11, a component of the SSU processome which interacts with UTP4, increases the efficiency of processing at A', but is not strictly required (Freed et al. 2012). XRN2 exonucleolytically degrades the 5' 01 fragment (Sloan et al. 2013, inferred from mouse homologs in Wang and Pestov 2011).
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