12S pre-rRNA is nucleolytically processed to yield 5.8S rRNA

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Homo sapiens
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The 12S pre-rRNA is nucleolytically cleaved to yield 5.8S rRNA. C1D, MPHOSPH6 (MPP6), and EXOSC10 (Pm/Scl-100) of the exosome associate and, together with SKIV2L2 (MTR4), are required for 3' processing of mature 5.8S rRNA therefore the exonuclease activity of the exosome seems to be involved (Schilders et al. 2007). Similarly, the DIS3 subunit of the nuclear exosome is required for production of 5.8S rRNA (Tomecki et al. 2010) and the 3'-5' exoribonuclease ISG20L2 (Coute et al. 2008) are also required for production of 5.8S rRNA from 12S pre-rRNA. As inferred from the mouse homolog, the 3'-5' exonuclease ERI1 also plays a role in trimming the 3' end of pre-5.8S rRNA (Ansel et al. 2008).
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