FA2H hydroxylates 1,2-saturated fatty acids

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Homo sapiens
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Fatty acid 2-hydroxylase (FA2H), an ER membrane-associated enzyme, catalyzes the cytochrome b5-dependent hydroxylation of free fatty acids on the saturated C2 position. 2-Hydroxylation of free fatty acids occurs before de novo ceramide synthesis. In mammals, 2-hydroxysphingolipids are abundant in the brain as components of the myelin lipids galactosylceramides and sulfatides (Alderson et al., 2004; Uchida et al., 2007; Guo et al., 2012; reviewed by Hama, 2009). Deficiency in FA2H causes a form of spastic paraplegia (SPG35, MIM:612319). A low expression level of FA2H correlates with a poor prognosis in many cancers (reviewed by Eckhardt, 2023).

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fatty acid alpha-hydroxylase activity of FA2H [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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