POLL or POLM extends aligned DNA DSB ends to fill gaps

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DNA polymerases mu (POLM) and lambda (POLL) facilitate non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) of DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) by filling single strand (ss) gaps (usually 1- or 2- nucleotide gaps) present at DNA DSB ends positioned for ligation in the synaptic complex containing XRCC5:XRCC6 (Ku), PRKDC (DNA-PKcs), DCLRE1C (ARTEMIS), XRCC4:LIG4 and NHEJ1 (XLF) (Mahajan et al. 2002, Lee et al. 2004, Fan and Wu 2004, McElhinny et al. 2005, Davis et al. 2008).
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DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity of p-T2609,S2612,T2638,T2647-PRKDC:XRCC5:XRCC6:p-S516,S645-DCLRE1C:XRCC4:LIG4:NHEJ1:POLL,POLM:Ligatable DNA DSB ends [nucleoplasm]

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