RAD52 promotes single strand annealing at resected DNA DSBs

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RAD52 promotes annealing of 3' ssDNA overhangs at resected DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) through complementary regions. The complementarity between the two 3' ssDNA overhangs at resected DNA DSBs exists if 3' ssDNA overhangs contain direct repeats. While single strand annealing (SSA) requires significant homology between the annealed sequences it is nonetheless mutagenic. The parts of two 3' overhanging DNA single strands at resected DSBs that lie 3' to the annealed regions become displaced as flaps and subsequently excised. This results in the deletion (loss) of the DNA sequence lying between the two regions of homology used for SSA, as well as the deletion of one of the repeats used for annealing (Parsons et al. 2000, Van Dyck et al. 2001, Singleton et al. 2002, Stark et al. 2004, Mansour et al. 2008).
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