Production of phagocyte oxygen radicals by NOX2 complex bound to RAC2:GTP

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RAC2:GTP-bound NOX2 complex, consisting of CYBB (NOX2), CYBA (p22phox), NCF1 (p47phox), NCF2 (p67phox) and NCF4 (p40phox), acts as an NADPH oxidase to produce superoxide anion O2- in phagosomes of neutorphils, enabling microbicidal activity of neutrophils (Knaus et al. 1991, Kim et al. 2001, Kao et al. 2008, Anderson et al. 2010, Jyoti et al. 2014). Rac2 knockout mice have dramatically reduced NADPH oxidase activity (Roberts et al. 1999). Phosphorylation of NOX2 complex components NCF1 (el Benna et al. 1994), NCF2 (Zhao et al. 2005) and NCF4 (Bouin et al. 1998) contributes to the activation of the phagosomal NADPH oxidase.
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superoxide-generating NAD(P)H oxidase activity of NOX2 complex:RAC2:GTP [phagocytic vesicle membrane]

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