p-S15,S20-TP53 Tetramer:TNFRSF10A,TNFRSF10B,TNFRSF10C,TNFRSF10D Genes [nucleoplasm]

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Homo sapiens
p-S15,S20-TP53 Tetramer:DR4,DR5,DCR1,DCR2 Genes
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Literature References
PubMed ID Title Journal Year
15289308 p53 upregulates death receptor 4 expression through an intronic p53 binding site

Liu, X, Yue, P, Khuri, FR, Sun, SY

Cancer Res. 2004
14623878 Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) decoy receptor TRAIL-R3 is up-regulated by p53 in breast tumor cells through a mechanism involving an intronic p53-binding site

Ruiz de Almodóvar, C, Ruiz-Ruiz, C, Rodríguez, A, Ortiz-Ferrón, G, Redondo, JM, López-Rivas, A

J. Biol. Chem. 2004
10777207 Wild-type p53 transactivates the KILLER/DR5 gene through an intronic sequence-specific DNA-binding site

Takimoto, R, el-Deiry, WS

Oncogene 2000
16230375 Decoy receptor 2 (DcR2) is a p53 target gene and regulates chemosensitivity

Liu, X, Yue, P, Khuri, FR, Sun, SY

Cancer Res. 2005
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