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Homo sapiens
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SYK can autophosphorylate and autophosphorylation increases its activity. It is more readily activated by autophosphorylation although it is rapidly activated by Src family kinases. SYK has multiple sites of phosphorylation which both regulate its activity and serve as docking sites for other proteins (Sada et al. 2001). Some of these sites include Y131 of interdomain A, Y323, Y348, and Y352 of interdomain B, and Y525 and Y526 within the activation loop of the kinase domain and Y630 in the C-terminus (Zhang et al. 2002, Lupher et al. 1998, Furlong et al. 1997).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of pathogens:CLEC6A,CLEC4E:p-Y65,Y76-FCER1G dimer:SYK [plasma membrane]

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