SYK phosphorylates PLCG2 in p-6Y-SYK:p-Y65,Y76-FCER1G:PLCG2

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Homo sapiens
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Activation of SYK triggers multiple cascades, which induces NF-kB activation through a CARD9-dependent pathway. Phospholipase C-gamma 2 (PLCG2) is one of the key signaling components of the CLEC4E (Mincle)/CLEC6A (Dectin-2) pathway that connects SYK activation to CARD9 recruitment. PLCG2 is activated upon CLEC4E (Mincle)/CLEC6A (Dectin-2) engagement and triggers an intracellular Ca2+ flux. SYK and Src family kinases are upstream of PLCG2. SYK phosphorylates PLCG2 on Y753 and Y759, enhancing the activity of PLCG2 (Gorjestani et al. 2011, Suzuki-Inoue et al. 2004).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of pathogens:CLEC6A,CLEC4E:p-Y65,Y76-FCER1G dimer:p-6Y-SYK:PLCG2 [plasma membrane]

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