Importin-8 imports AGO2:miRNA into the nucleus

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Homo sapiens
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The AGO2:miRNA complex is formed in the cytosol (Ohrt et al 2008) and is imported into the nucleus in a complex with Importin-8 (IPO8, Imp8, RanBP8) (Weinmann et al. 2009, Wei et al. 2014). Once in the nucleus, Imp8 in complex with the cargo interacts with RAN:GTP, causing the dissociation of Imp8 from the complex with AGO2:miRNA (Gorlich et al. 1997). Other Argonautes are also observed in the nucleus (Robb et al. 2005, Weinmann et al. 2009, Doyle et al. 2013, Ahlenstiel et al. 2012, Gagnon et al. 2014) and may be imported by the same mechanism.
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