AKR dimers reduce AFBDHO to AFBDOH

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Aflatoxin B1 aldehyde reductases (AKR7A2, AKR7A3 and AKR7L) are dimeric, cytosolic, NADPH-dependent enzymes able to catalyse the reduction of aflatoxin B1 dialdehyde (AFBDHO) to aflatoxin B1-6,8-dialcohol (AFBDOH) (Ellis et al. 2003, Bodreddigari et al. 2008, Ireland et al. 1998, Guengerich et al. 2001). AKRs can turnover a vast range of substrates, including drugs, carcinogens, and reactive aldehydes. They play central roles in the metabolism of these agents, leading to either their bioactivation or detoxication (Jin & Penning 2007). The dialcohol is excreted in urine by conjugation with glucuronide (not shown here).

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Catalyst Activity

aldo-keto reductase (NADP) activity of AKR dimers [cytosol]

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