IL34 dimerizes

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Interleukin-34 is a homodimer
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interleukin-34 (IL34) was identified as a potent activator of monocytes and macrophages, signaling through Colony-stimulating factor-1 (CSF1) receptor (CSF1R) with a distinct tissue distribution from CSF1 (Lin et al. 2008). IL34 and CSF1 share many functional properties. IL34 has no appreciable sequence similarity with any other protein but shares a four-helix bundle structure seen in CSF1 (Garceau et al. 2010, Liu et al. 2012). IL34 forms a noncovalently linked dimer (Ma et al. 2012) whereas CSF1 contains an intersubunit disulfide bond. The structure of the IL34:CSF1R complex shows a similar ligand-receptor assembly to that of CSF1:CSF1R.

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