p-6Y-VEGFR2 binds SH2D2A

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Two-hybrid mapping showed that tyrosine 951 (Y951) serves as the binding site for T-cell specific adapter molecule (TSAD/ SH2 domain-containing protein 2A (SH2D2A)), also referred as VEGF-receptor-associated protein (VRAP) (Wu et al. 2000). SH2D2A mediates vasular permeability downstream of VEGFR2 by forming a complex with c-SRC (Sun et al. 2012). Site-directed mutation of Y951 to phenylalanine (Y951F) in the VEGFR2, or siRNA mediated silencing of SH2D2A expression, prevented VEGFA mediated cytoskeletal reorganisation and migration but not mitogenicity (Matsumoto et al. 2005).

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