Acyl Ghrelin and C-Ghrelin are secreted

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Fatty acids inhibit the secretion of ghrelin by an unknown mechanism. Fatty acids have less effect than carbohydrates do.

Acyl ghrelin and C-ghrelin are secreted from secretory granules into the bloodstream. Five forms of acyl ghrelin have been detected: octanoyl ghrelin-28, decanoyl ghrelin-28, octanoyl ghrelin-27, decanoyl ghrelin-27, and decenoyl ghrelin-28. Unacylated ghrelin (des-acyl ghrelin) occurs at higher levels than acyl ghrelin however its function and mechanism of generation are controversial. The function, if any, of C-ghrelin is also unknown.
Secretion of ghrelin is stimulated by insulin-like growth factor-1 and muscarinic agonists; Secretion is inhibited by insulin, somatotropin, leptin, glucose, glucagon, and fatty acids. Carbohydrates have more inhibitory effect than fat does. The mechanisms by which the regulation is effected are unknown.

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