Recruitment and activation of N-WASP by Cdc42

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The adaptor protein Nck-1 binds to DCC and recruits Rac-1, Cdc42 and their effectors PAK-1 and N-WASP to the activated receptor. Both Cdc42 and Nck-1 are activators of N-WASP. Cdc42 in its active GTP bound form binds to the CRIB domain of N-WASP and this interaction along with PIP2 results in the activation of N-WASP. Nck-1 activate N-WASP via binding of its SH3 domain to the proline rich domain of N-WASP. Nck-1 also possess an SH2 domain that associates directly with activated tyrosine kinase receptors which can phosphorylate N-WASP.

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