HTR1 and 5A receptors can bind serotonin

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5-hydroxytryptamine receptors (HTRs), once bound to serotonin (5HT), act on the CNS where they induce neuronal and presynaptic inhibition and behavioural effects. In humans, there are five subtypes of the HTR1 receptor, designated 1A-1F (there is no 1C type) (Stam et al. 1992, Hamblin et al. 1992, Weinshank et al. 1992, Zgombick et al. 1992, Adham et al. 1993). HTR1A is described in a separate reaction. HTR5A is expressed in human brain (Rees S et al, 1994) and has an inhibitory effect like HTR1s. Both these subtypes mediate their actions by coupling with the G protein alpha-i/o subtype (Lin et al. 2002, Francken et al. 1998), inhibiting adenylate cyclase activity and thereby decreasing cellular cAMP levels.

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