RANBP2 SUMOylates SP100 with SUMO1

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Homo sapiens
Conjugation of SUMO1 to SP100
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RANBP2 SUMOylates SP100 with SUMO1 at lysine-297 (Pichler et al. 2002, Tatham et al. 2005). RANBP2 has a binding site for SUMO1 and a binding site for UBE2I (UBC9) which may recruit the SUMO1:UBE2I (SUMO1:UBC9) complex (Tatham et al. 2005). RANBP2 is located on the cytoplasmic filaments of the nuclear pore so that SUMOylation may occur during nuclear import of SP100 (Pichler et al. 2002)

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SUMO transferase activity of Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) [nuclear envelope]

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