BANF1 binds chromatin, EMD/TMPO/LEMD3/LEMD2 and lamins

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In late anaphase/early telophase, dephosphorylated BANF1 (BAF) accumulates at a specialized region of the separated chromosome mass, close to the spindle. This region is known as the 'core' and is the central region of the assembling nuclear rim. At the 'core', BANF1 (BAF) binds chromatin, LEM-domain proteins of the inner nuclear membrane (EMD i.e. emerin, TMPO i.e. LAP2beta, LEMD3 i.e. MAN1, LEMD2 i.e. LEM2) and lamins, which initiates the reassembly of the nuclear envelope around separated sister chromatids. LEM-domain proteins and lamin A accumulate at the 'core' in a BANF1-dependent manner (Haraguchi et al. 2001, Haraguchi et al. 2008, Asencio et al. 2012).

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