Initiation of Nuclear Envelope (NE) Reformation

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Homo sapiens
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Reassembly of the nuclear envelope (NE) is initiated at late anaphase/early telophase when BANF1 (BAF), which is dispersed throughout the cytoplasm during metaphase, accumulates on the surfaces of coalesced chromosomes. This is coordinated with the chromatin association of membranes and inner nuclear membrane proteins that include EMD (emerin), TMPO (LAP2beta), LEMD3 (MAN1) and LEMD2 (LEM2), and lamins (Haraguchi et al. 2008, reviewed by Wandke and Kutay 2013). The DNA-cross-bridging activity of BANF1 is required for individual chromosomes to properly coalesce for enclosure in a single nucleus (Samwer et al. 2017).

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