Condensin II complex binds H4K20me1-containing nucleosomes

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Accumulation of monomethylated histone H4 (H4K20me1) is necessary for loading of the condensin II complex on chromatin. Condensin II binds H4K20me1 through HEAT repeats of two condensin II subunits, NCAPD3 and NCAPG2 (Liu et al. 2010). RB1 is required, at least partially, for the successful association of condensin II with chromatin (Longworth et al. 2008). The precise role of RB1 in condensin II loading and the connection, if any, between histone H4 monomethylation and RB1-facilitated loading of the condensin II complex on chromatin has not, however, been elucidated. RB1 family proteins are known to interact with H4K20 trimethylating enzymes Suv4-20h1 and Suv4-20h2 and promote H4K20 trimethylation at pericentric and telomeric heterochromatin (Gonzalo et al. 2005).

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